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Together we can.

Together we can.

Together we can.Together we can.Together we can.

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When one THINKS about PEACE, there is a shift in consciousness that buoys our resolve to make this world a better place. Heal the World is a mantra we call upon in each of our endeavors. Our programs, relationships, events and teaching take the opportunities presented to make a difference today and the future. Think Peace.


Our History

Think Peace Media and Communications CC is a Multiregion CC with United Religions Initiative (URI), with its main office in Houston under the name of Think Peace International (TPI). We work to build bridges across our network at URI, providing expertise in media and communications. We have exist in every region in the world.


Our Mission

TPI is a non-profit made up of artists, educators and social activists collaborating to build cultures of peace, justice and healing for the world. Our work is interreligious, intercultural and intergenerational. We work across various social constructs in various areas of the world. We are bridge builders using a variety media platforms.



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